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About Transparent Software, Inc...

Transparent Software has been in business since 1988, when Rakefet's author was asked to survey existing synagogue software to automate the office at his own shul. He found the existing state of the art primitive, especially from the standpoint of ease of use (and since his technophobic wife was the secretary at that time, this was an important consideration).

A professional programmer, he thought he could do better and the first (DOS) version of Rakefet was born. Since then, the program has matured, gaining features and capabilities, but never straying from the original concept in which ease of use is paramount. Today, over 1000 synagogues and other Jewish organizations worldwide use Rakefet for Windows.

With the advent of Microsoft Windows as a standard user-interface for IBM-compatible PC's, it became possible to greatly increase functionality while maintaining ease of use.  Rakefet for Windows was developed in 1996 as a completely new program, not an updated DOS program. Rakefet for Windows is compatible with all versions of Windows from 95 to Windows 8.

Transparent Software, Inc. is a small company with only one product. This allows us to be exceptionally knowledgable in our field, as well as exceptionally responsive to our customers. You will never encounter a clueless technician following a script when you call our technical support line!

On May 31, 2013 Transparent Software stopped selling new maintenance contracts for Rakefet. Existing support contracts will be honored until they expire. New users or those wanting to renew maintenance, purchase options, etc., should contact Rakefet Unlimited Support Help (RUSH)

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