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What Happy Customers Are Saying About
Rakefet for Windows:

“Thank you for Rakefet, which is such a joy to use!”
-- Nona and David,  Beth Shir Shalom of  Santa Monica, CA (Reform)

“We at B'nai Shalom in Waterbury, CT, were early users of Rakefet Synagogue Software  and have come along to its current level of high sophistication. The support staff is extremely accommodating and very knowledgeable.”
-- Frieda, B'nai Shalom, Waterbury CT (Orthodox)

“It has only been a few months of using Rakefet as our synagogue software and I have to say that it is user friendly. I might not be saying that if it wasn't for your help in getting the program set up and explaining things to me as we went along. Thank you for being so helpful and patient.”
-- Lorraine, Beth David Synagogue, Binghamton NY (Orthodox)

“[The staff] are extremely pleased with the program (as I am also). They are continually amazed with what can be done with it. It makes me look like a genius for selecting your program. We extremely pleased with Rakefet.”
-- Sam, JCC of Spring Valley NY (Conservative)

“Your programme has been a 'light' in synagogue/temple database/accounting area. Thank you.”
-- Gwen, Administrator, Congregation Darchei Noam, Toronto, Ontario (Reconstructionist)

“It's now three years since we installed Rakefet at the Perth Hebrew Congregation in Western Australia.  I can recall the shule accountant expressing reservations about the purchase of a software package that didn't have local support.  Within several months I was able to tell him that the e-mail support from Rakefet was superior to anything I'd ever experienced in my more than 20 years in computing...I've never experienced such consistently prompt response from any local support group....You and your staff are to be highly commended for the excellent service you provide.”
-- Dr. Nathan Hoffman, Perth Hebrew Congregation

“I LOVE the new version of Rakefet and how it can email statements, letters et al.  This is absolutely wonderful.  Now I don't have to maintain email addresses in two different places and it will save me so much time and money.”
-- Carla, Congregation Shomrei Torah, Santa Clara CA (Reform)

“First let me start by saying, how ecstatically THRILLED I am with the Rakefet system!!  After working with an antiquated, out-dated computer system the user-friendly Rakefet is more than a breath of fresh air!  Not only can I track all financial activity, the system also maintains all the Yahrzeit records we possess.  SIMPLY AMAZING!  It is no exaggeration when I tell you that I am learning something new everyday!  You have bettered my days in so many ways!”
-- Jenifer L. Bowen, Tifereth Israel Synagogue, Des Moines IA (Conservative)

“I am thrilled with the software and your support...”
-- Howard Fox, Temple Israel, Staten Island NY (Reform)

“We've been using Rakefet for at least 5 years.  I chose it after an extensive search because it offered the best value for the money.  We've been very happy with it -- the support staff is extremely responsive.”
-- Myrna Kasser, United Synagogue of Hoboken, Hoboken NJ (Conservative)

Rakefet is too cool!”
-- Sandy, KAM Isaiah, Chicago IL (Reform)

“Thanks for your great technical service.  I really appreciate your insight.”
-- Arlyne Semiloff, Congregation Kol Tefillah, Santa Cruz CA (Conservative)

“Thank You Transparent Software!  You have made us a more productive organization!”
-- Hank London, Temple Shalom, Succasunna NJ (Reform)

“Thank you VERY much for your constant dedication to customer service!  If only EVERY company could be like Rakefet! “
--  Rabbi Jeffrey Astrachan, Temple Beth Elohim, Old Bethpage NY (Reform)

“While I may not be standing up and shouting it, I do love Rakefet - the ease and simplicity of its use and your willingness to listen to your customers when you make improvements.  Thank you for all you do to make my job an easy one. We've been with you since your DOS version and you just keep getting better and better!”
-- Sharon Hoferer, Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Woodstock NY (Reconstructionist).

“Your company is incredibly competent and seriously works to make the program work for me.  I have never encountered a tech support system that cares about my comfort and efficiency.”
-- Laurie Babendir, Skokie Kollel, Skokie IL (School).

“I love your software.  Every time I go to do something I can’t stand how easy and intuitive it is.  Why didn’t we do this years ago!”
-- Nancy, Am Yisrael, Northfield, IL (Conservative).

“I just want to take this opportunity to say “thank you for always being there for me with my questions and concerns.  I am “thankful” for you, and I guess that's what Thanksgiving is all about - being thankful.  I have to tell you that I LOVE having Rakefet.  It's a great tool for us and I pass it on to everyone I think would benefit from it.
-- Leslie,  Columbus Jewish Historical Society, Columbus OH

“This program is so brilliant!”
-- Edith, Palm Beach Orthodox, Palm Beach FL

“We started using Rakefet way back when it was still in the DOS version,  long before Windows was a gleam in anyone's eye.  The program has continued  to improve tremendously over the years and the service is absolutely outstanding!!!  Would we recommend it to someone who is on the fence about  using it?  Without the slightest hesitation.  Can't wait to see what  features you will be adding in the next version.”
-- Mitchel Saed
Sinai Free Synagogue (Reform), Mount Vernon NY

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