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Instructions for downloading Rakefet for Windows installation program.

The instructions on this page are for downloading the Rakefet for Windows installation program in order to install Rakefet on this computer, or to copy the installation program to a CD or other medium.

A password is required to install Rakefet.  If you don't know it, please call or e-mail Rakefet Unlimited or Transparent Software.

The file you download will be named SETUPnnn.EXE, where nnn is the version number: the current file, version 5.04, is named SETUP504.EXE.


Be sure Rakefet is not running when installing an upgrade.

ALWAYS install upgrades on ALL network workstations and ALL copies of Rakefet that share data by Backup / Restore.

  Step 1: Download the setup program by clicking on the link below.  Your browser will ask if you want to open the file or save it to disk.  Choose Save To Disk and save it to the Desktop.  Do NOT attempt to save it directly to diskettes!  The icon for SETUPnnn.EXE will appear on your desktop after the download is complete.

  Step 2: If you want to install Rakefet on this computer, double-click the icon for SETUPnnn.EXE.  The WinZip Self-Extractor will open.  You will be prompted to enter the password and the installation program will begin.  Otherwise, copy the downloaded file to a CD/R, Zip drive, etc.

  Step 3: After installation the SETUPnnn.EXE program is not needed.  You can delete it from the desktop.
The installation program will ask you to restart your computer before running Rakefet for the first time.

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