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Rakefet for Windows versions 4-5
Change List











4.94 (not released)


4.92 (4.91 not released)


•  Added button to run reconciliation report (274) to bank reconciliation function.

•  Added option to add “or current resident” to labels/envelopes (154).

Added Setup button to print preview print dialog to allow changes to printer parameters not automatically set by Rakefet.

•  Fixed bug that Listserver Export did not allow All Families.

•  Fixed (finally) bug that quickly clicking unlink button on yahrzeit page caused ‘dataset not in edit mode’ error.

•  Fixed bug that certain finance-related items in General Setup were not disabled for user without Treasurer Password with basic security.

•  Fixed bug that inactive vendors appeared in list for vendor reports but data was not included. Now you must set Show Inactive preference before inactive vendors will appear, and data will be included in this case.


•  Many changes made to fonts, window sizing, handling odd resolutions, etc. to improve usability.

•  Security option: Toggle Maintenance Mode now requires Maintenance privileges.

•  Default backup file extension changed from .zip to .rbk to eliminate problems with unwanted unzipping of backups. No change to internal file structure.

•  Fixed bug that goods and services amounts were calculated incorrectly when refunds issued for couvert items.


•  Fixed bug that Database Detail record not blanked out when Add clicked.


•  Added ability for administrator with Security/Audit option to set a temporary read-only mode for all users (including him/herself). This is useful when a ‘live’ backup is sent and the administrator wants to prevent data entry which may be overwritten when the backup is restored.

•  Added Family No. to right-mouse popup menu on main screen.

•  Changed backup/restore so that it would work properly when backing up directly to “U3” USB storage devices.

•  Added photos of adults and children in database.

•  Changed minimum size of database detail window to 800x600.

•  Changed Address Book report (140) to not include page breaks in RTF output to make it easier to produce multi-column formats.

•  Fixed bug that sometimes rwdict.dbf was not opened read-only, causing access denied error if Rakefet installed in Program Files or other read-only directory.

•  Fixed bug that when doing Account Reconciliation if user switched between bank accounts without closing window, initial tagging would be wrong.

•  Fixed bugs in Convert Children to Adults that seats and relationships of converted children were orphaned.

•  Fixed bug that UK Tax Detail (241) had incorrect per-member totals (although detail and grand totals were correct) under some conditions.

•  Added code to fix problems of ‘dataset not in edit or insert mode’ when linking/unlinking yahrzeits or clicking family/individual code buttons.

•  Fixed bug that balance sheet was incorrect after closing ‘short’ fiscal year.

•  Fixed bug that Payables report (450) was not showing appropriate invoices – it must show all invoices with invoice dates in from-to period which were still open at the end of the period.


•  Added sending of user copy of quick emails.

•  Fixed bug that it was possible to create a new relationship and select one of the predefined relationships as reciprocal.

•  Fixed bug in Account Reconciliation that changed statement balance was not saved if bank account was changed before closing window.

4.85 (4.84 was not released)

•  Added tracking of letters, yahrzeit notices, and quick emails. New database report to display letters/emails sent “Letter/Email Tracking” (170).

•  Added new report, Short Yahrzeit List (349).

•  Added ability to change data path and to recover from open failures.

•  Added Memorize/Recall Payables invoices.

•  Backup / Restore now immediately opens file selection dialog when Start is clicked; change b/r path button has been eliminated. Default file names of the form rwbackyyyymmdd.zip are created when saving. Rakefet will remember path of previous backup or restore.

•  Changed backup procedure to not lock out other users.

•  Increased size of all email addresses from 40 to 50 characters.

•  New Security option switch to allow/refuse deletion of families.

•  Security option now allows read-only users to change report preferences.

•  Editing/deleting user-defined field definitions now requires Maintenance privileges in Security option (NOT Maintenance Mode).

•  Removed automatic skip when tagging in Bank Reconciliation (users didn’t like it).

•  Transactions that were uncleared by editing and now reappear in Bank Reconciliation will have an E in the tag field until they are tagged.

•  Users must have Bank Reconciliation privileges in security option to edit or delete a cleared transaction.

•  Changed installation program to install index files in program directory, and rebuild index functions to not rebuild them. This allows program directory to be read-only.

•  Added date of last update to Letter-Writer templates.

•  Changed number of unexpected errors displayed by System Info from 5 to 10.

•  Removed unnecessary database open/close from Test a Backup.

•  When tabbing from Account Selection lists, cursor now goes to correct next field.

•  Added Variance column to Budget Progress report (270).

•  Added ability to tag for any transaction in range, even zero amounts, in Mass Tagging / Financial criteria.

•  Added option for Employees only to Vendor Reports (451-454). Added line to report header to indicate employees only or 1099 vendors only.

•  Added ability to do Mass Assessments of Work Credits.

•  Add “This [entire] Fiscal Year” to Quick Date Setup in Report Setup Window.

•  Added last backup path and selected printer to System Info.

•  Fixed bug that installation program created extra ini file in Windows directory.

•  Fixed bug that printing from Scheduler’s month display always used next month, regardless of where calendar was set.

•  Fixed bug that exporting Address Book (140) to CSV in Adults View failed.

•  Fixed bug that selecting fields in Member Data report (152) changed default file extension to CSV even when file type was RTF or HTML.

•  Fixed bug that Convert Tagged Children to Adults didn’t carry forward phone number. Also made it copy Individual Salutation to Family Salutation.

•  Fixed bug (UK only) that a family with more than one Gift Aid declaration had incorrect totals on the Charity Repayment Claim report (240).

•  Fixed bug that it was possible to add a Row (etc.) in Setup / Seats with a duplicate name, even though the user gets an error message.

•  Fixed bug that sending yahrzeit notices to email sometimes missed some recipients.


4.83 (4.82 was not released)

•  Changed index definition for payables detail so that duplicate line numbers (if they exist) will be visible.

•  Moved to new HTML Help format (.CHM) for Vista compatibility and many Help improvements.

•  Made all field locations on check/cheque adjustable. Added ability to select defaults on basis of international options, in particular for Canada.

•  Changed Quick Email to send individual emails, not a single message with blind copies.

•  Added new Security/Audit privilege, to allow bank reconciliation.

•  Fixed problem that rapid double-clicking of yahrzeit link and unlink buttons would cause error.

•  Fixed bug that Budget Setup would allow deletion of budget category in use.



•  Added new report to Budget Reports, Prior Year Comparison (YTD/MTD) (278).

•  Added option to Receivables by Family report (262) to print either normal subtotaled report or summary (one total line per family).

•  Changed Payables report (450) to show all invoices open at end of selected period and not limit to invoices still open.

•  Added option in Setup / Defaults to allow Torah portions in Jewish Calendar to be generated for Israel as well as Diaspora.

•  Changed Class List report (163) so that ‘family email’ includes all email addresses with Family View checked.

•  The program now looks for the RAKWIN32.INI file in the Rakefet subdirectory of the the “all users” application data directory.  The installation program will move it there from the Windows directory. 

•  You must now be logged on as Administrator to run the installation program (but not to run Rakefet).

•  Check printing now will reverse vendor/employee name containing comma; e.g., “Smith, John” in vendor file will print as “John Smith” on check.

•  Added code to keep size of windows from exceeding screen height on widescreen monitors.

•  Removed check number requirement for a transaction to be included in Payroll Journal report (230).

•  Fixed bug that sorting GL and members’ account file by check number was incorrect in 4.79.

•  Fixed bug that Member Data report (152) and Letter Writer (159) were picking up Family Name 2 as the same as Family Name 1 even when  Member 2 was blank.

•  Fixed bug that Aged Receivables report (247) did not handle refunds correctly.

•  Fixed bug that caused  unexpected error in Import from DOS Rakefet (!).

•  Fixed bug (from 4.77) that emailing in Children View and selecting Send To Parents caused incorrect data to be included in letters, duplicate emails, etc.

•  Fixed bug that account field was not validated if user pressed Enter when adding a donation in semiautomatic allocation.

•  Fixed bug causing occasional index corruption in Payables.

•  Added workaround for bug in Checkmark Payroll that put extra commas in amount field of export file.



•  Changed Bank Summary report (257) to not show bank accounts with zero balances and no activity.

•  Changed Bank Reconciliation function to always skip to next item after tagging a line, even multiline check.

•  Added family number to CSV output for UK Charity Reclaim Form report (240).

•  Added quick date options for Last UK Tax Year and This UK Tax Year.

•  Made it possible for UK users to tag everyone with at least one GA declaration in Mass Tagging / Database Criteria.

•  Changed UK Link Donor menu and dialog to put ‘<none>’ at the bottom rather than the top to speed data entry.

•  Fixed bug that account selection scroll box in Refunds/Reversals would scroll by itself when clicking on last visible account number at 1024/768 resolution.

•  Fixed bug that deleting a family did not delete records in History file.


4.78 (4.77 not released)

•  Added options to include phone numbers and addresses of people observing yahrzeits to Yahrzeit List (350).

•  Added option to include phone numbers on Anniversaries (153) and Birthdays (158) reports.

•  Made it impossible to relate an entity to itself in Relationship Manager.

•  Made it possible to include income account on payroll reports.

•  Added ability to copy name/address to clipboard by right mouse-click on name in main screen.

•  Added ‘Family View’ check boxes for email addresses to allow selection of some or all emails to be used when sending email in family view.

•  Changed display of parents’ address on Children page to ensure that Zip/postal code is displayed even if City/Town field is blank.

•  Added function to convert tagged children to adults.

•  Changed Financial Import to not require Payables Option.

•  Added dates to Aged Receivables report (247) and changed to landscape.

•  Added last calendar year, this calendar year, next calendar year, last fiscal year, first, last, and next Jewish years to Quick Date setup in Report Setup.  Changed buttons to scrolling list box.

•  Changed size of donor check number field from 6 to 12 digits.  Several reports (256, 269, 258, 260, 275) had to be changed to landscape mode to accommodate.

•  Reduced font size in scroll windows for 1024x768 resolution in order to fix some display issues.

•  Changed behavior of Remaining Balance Statements (251) so that when Outstanding Only is not selected, an account with zero current balance and non-zero remaining balance will print.

•  Fixed bug that Help page didn’t appear for Financial Import.

•  Fixed bug that vendor number was required for Income transactions in Financial Import.

•  Fixed bug that Relationship Queries was not sorting results in alphabetical order.

•  Fixed bug that if Secondary Address Shown was checked on Database Detail, then changes to family email address, fax number, and reciprocate for mishloach manot fields on Family 2 page were not saved.

•  Fixed bug that receipts showed incorrect goods/services amount when couvert exceeded payment amount.


4.76 (4.75 not released)

•  Added Financial Import function.

•  Added System Information function under Help and on Unexpected Error dialog to collect useful information for technical support.

•  Changed GL page to not allow Credit Card switch to be set for Expense transactions.

•  Added new Seating by Family report (224) .

•  Added ability to upload data to Hineynu Tracker.

•  Now possible to leave out “http://”, “https://”, or “ftp://” when entering vendor website address.

•  Changed name display in Phone Slips (281) to include first names and titles of both partners.

•  Changed Class List report (163) to suppress line for family email when empty.

•  Replaced File Name box on report setup with pop-up file selection dialog.

•  Added Listerver export function.

•  Fixed bug that font size above horizontal resolution of 1024p was too large.

•  Fixed bug that caused access violation when trying to change text editor options via Preferences button on report setup.

•  Fixed bug that printing memo on Family 2 page while in adding mode put wrong name in header of printout.

•  Fixed bug in UK Tax reports (240, 241) which did not subtotal contributions properly when a family had multiple GA declarations and multiple contributions for each declaration.

•  Fixed bug in UK Charity Repayment Detail report (241) that carry-forward page totals were incorrect.

•  Fixed bug that Change Account Numbers maintenance function did not correctly update history file.

•  Fixed bug that UK Donor Name was not cleared after posting allocate payments transaction.

•  Fixed bug that deleting all relations caused corrupted index file.



•  Added Additional phone number field in Vendor file.

•  Added website address in vendor file and button to activate default Web browser.  You can also send e-mail to the vendor by clicking a button.

•  All e-mail addresses in Family 2 page now have buttons to send email.  These functions activate your default e-mail program and do not require setup in Rakefet.

•  Made Rakefet website and email addresses in Help / Technical Support clickable to go to Transparent Software Web site or send e-mail to us.

•  Added family number to CSV export of statements (251) when 'print family number on stmt/rcpt' option selected.

•  Fixed bug that Default Account in Vendor file only allowed expense accounts, not  liabilities.

•  Fixed bug that report preview form was pre-created unnecessarily.

•  Fixed bug that “label to start at” dialogue was skipped when printing labels to children or parents thereof.  Also, pressing Cancel on this dialog now cancels print as it should.

•  Fixed bug that some reports did not check for security level.


4.73 (4.72 was not released).

•  Added ‘Last contrib./pledge account description’, ‘Last contrib./pledge check no.’, ‘All children in religious school’, All Hebrew Names, and All Children’s Hebrew Names (65) fields to Letter Writer (159) and Member Data report (152).

•  Thank-you letters now contain the words ‘credit card’ instead of check number when transaction was made by credit card.

•  Added Class Record option to Class Lists report (163).

•  Added ‘continued’ to Class List report (163) pages.

•  Increased size of Individual title field to 12 characters (from 6).

•  Changed ‘Halcyon Error’ message to ‘Data Access Error’ for clarity.

•  Address Book (140) changed to print in one column to make formatting booklets easier.

•  Made program look for ini file in program directory if not found in Windows directory.  Now possible to run entire Rakefet system from USB key.

•  Added switch to select spelling for ‘Check’ or ‘Cheque’ to Setup / General / User.

•  Added ability to use graphic letterhead on Statements (251) and Donor Receipts (261).

•  Added new Financial 3 page to report preferences which contains statement/receipt options.

•  Cash receipts now contain words ‘credit card’ instead of check number when transaction was made by credit card.

•  Changed Mass Tagging / Database Queries to display integer fields without decimal points.

•  Changed Mass Tagging / Database Queries to treat Family Number as integer, not character.

•  Changed default dates for UK Tax reports (240, 241) to use the latest tax year.

•  Added option to start printing labels partway into page.

•  Added Special / Seating / Clear Tagged Seats to remove tagged families or individuals from seats.

•  Added support for mouse wheel for mouse/driver/operating system combinations that did not support it.

•  Changed relationship display box in Relationship Manager window to sort alphabetically.

•  Changed Relationship Queries function to sort relationship check boxes alphabetically and query results box alphabetically by Related To column.

•  Added column to display annual totals in Budget Setup.

•  Fixed bug that ‘unenroll tagged’ function was not decrementing number of children in religious school field in family header file.

•  Fixed possible inaccuracies in Aged Receivables report (247).

•  Fixed bug in Check/Deposit Register (260) that sometimes caused ‘no data’ response when there was a single transaction in an account after the first.

•  Fixed bug in Member Data report (152) that field selection was treating incorrect field as ‘Dummy’.

•  Fixed bug that program was looking at user locale setting to get currency symbol and system default locale for currency unit names.  Changed so that both are taken from user setting.

•  Fixed bug in Setup / Seating that amount or seat range value that had focus was not saved when user exited dialogue by pressing Enter key.

•  Fixed bug that report previews were not properly located on screen causing bottom scroll arrow to be partially obscured.

•  Fixed bug in Reconciliation report (274) that transaction date sometimes was not printed when date changed.

•  Fixed bug that Computation of accounts payable in Balance Sheet (267) was incorrect.  Now it includes invoices dated on or before as-of date and not paid by as-of date.




•  Added Aged Receivables report (247).

•  Fixed bug that identical names in database caused incorrect family to be selected after edit.

•  Fixed bug in Relationship Manager that relationships were not redisplayed after edit of relationship types file.

•  Fixed bug that Mass Tagging / Database Queries field window was too small to show all of some field names in some screen resolutions.

•  Fixed bug that Giving History (280) and Phone Slips (281) reports gave incorrect information when the end date did not extend into current period.



•  Added per-check totals to Vendor Detail report (451).

•  Fixed bug that ALT-C did not activate ‘Post and Close’ button in Semi-automatic Allocation window.



•  Added address hint to name display at bottom of automatic and semi-automatic Allocate Payments windows.

•  Added option to sort Cash Receipt list (248) by receipt number or by family name.

•  Changed Address Book report (140) to insert ‘see …’ entries for families with two surnames.

•  Changed date formatting so that all dates in letter-writer would use long format and all dates in Member Data report (152) would use short format.

•  Changed date formats in Anniversaries (154) and Birthdays (158) reports to use long format.

•  Added function to clear ‘reciprocate for mishloach manot’ flags for tagged families.

•  Added ability to enter donations from Semiautomatic Allocate Payments window.

•  Added Gift Aid for UK users to Semiautomatic Allocate Payments.

•  Added right-mouse menu to Semiautomatic Allocate payments to allow for modification of memo per line as well as selection of account for donations.

•  Increased size of rows in all grids for better readability.

•  Increased basic font size at 800x600 and 1024x768.

•  Fixed bug that if totals on Cash Receipt List report (248) came out at top of page, the total line was not spaced correctly.

•  Fixed bug that Address Book report (140) always used full family name with titles for continuation headings even when last name, first name was used for main headings.

•  Fixed bug that numerous reports that honor view would display one entry (the first in database) when filter was empty.

•  Fixed bug that check numbers were not incremented properly in some circumstances when merging multiple invoices per vendor.

•  Fixed bug that Income Expense Summary report when sorted by bank account was only displaying first 3 characters of bank account.

•  Fixed bug that navigation buttons were enabled on children page of database detail window when view was set to adults + children.

•  Fixed bug that cursor did not appear when editing Journal Entry amounts and semi-automatic Allocate Payments fields.

•  Fixed bug that caused audit file compression message to occur too often.

•  Fixed bug that Seat Setup opened scrolled to bottom instead of top.

•  Fixed bug that Allocate Payments transactions were not being captured in Audit file.

•  Fixed bug that reversals were not displayed correctly in Check/Deposit register report (260).



•  Added ability to tag database entries based on Relationship Queries.

•  Added Scheduling Maven to schedule recurring events.

•  Added ability to select non-standard email port.

•  Fixed bug that Check Integrity was flagging guest seats as orphaned sLinks.

•  Fixed bug that class filter did not work properly in family view when class code was shorter than 4 characters.

•  Fixed bug that label type 8387 (postcards) was printing in portrait rather than landscape mode.

•  Fixed bug that Mass Tagging / Database Queries for seat descriptions did not work.

•  Made it impossible to tag payables invoice with negative amount when merging checks for a vendor.  Credit memos must be entered as separate line on existing invoice.

•  Changed Class List (163) to put individual salutations in parenthesis after the names.

•  Fixed bug that Liability accounts did not appear in Journal Entry account selector.

• Fixed bug that Jewish birthday dates did not work correctly in Letter Writer & Member Data report (152).


4.67 (4.66 not released) •  Added salutations to Letter-Writer (159), Member Data report (152), and Database Queries.
•  Add grand totals to Giving History report (280).
•  Added new Classes report (164).
•  Added function to unenroll tagged students.
•  Added maintenance program to rebuild history file.
•  Double-clicking balance column in semi-automatic allocation now copies amount to payment column.
•  Added Post w/o Printing to check printing (single and multiple).
•  Add option on multiple check printing to merge invoices for same vendor.
•  Changed Journal Entry account selector to regular account selection box, which allows for incremental searching, etc.
•  Added ability to switch tags on and off by pressing Space Bar.
•  Added cell phone numbers and family email addresses to class lists (163); also made it possible to choose which phone numbers to include.
•  Modified 12-month budget reports so that actual amounts were always cut off at the as-of date of the report.
•  Added ability to filter for arbitrary collection of school classes.
•  Added Individual Salutation to member 1, member 2, and children.
•  Fixed various minor bugs when restoring backup from non-security option to security option system and vice versa.
•  Fixed bug that Class List report did not sort classes correctly.
•  Fixed bug that Fund Raising reports were adding incorrect data to history file.
•  Fixed bug that sometimes attempt to send thank-you letter for donation in Children view got ‘no recipients’ error message.
•  Fixed bug that some accounts that were not marked ‘Include on Fundraising Reports’ were nevertheless included.
•  Fixed bug that Mass Tagging/Database Query and Member Data report (152) returned results for children when paired fields requested.
•  Change internal long date format to remove ‘dddd, ‘ and to change ‘dd’ to ‘d’ (long format only).
•  Fixed bug that CSV export of budget progress report switched locations of budgeted and actual amounts.

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